Selecting the finest Italian foods and ingredients for Asian retailers and distributors

Our selection Italian fine products is conceived to satisfy the palate of the most demanding gourmets. Through an attentive and constant research of Italy's best agri-food and eno-gastronomic products, we introduce food lovers to the discovery of authentic Italian flavours.

Our selection

Travelling throughout Italy, we scout, evaluate and, choose companies whose passion, history and professionalism lead to products of absolute excellent quality.


The products we offer are:

::  100% Italian products (as for both the source of the raw materials and the processing plants);

::  the result of controlled production processes which make use of selected, peculiar raw materials;

::  mainly marketed in specialty stores, therefore are not available in large retail channels;

::  strongly linked to Italy's  agri-food & enogastronomic regional traditions;

::  genuine and of renown certified quality;

::  attentive to both the image quality and the materials used for the packaging.

Our producers

Our producers are small-medium size companies with deep roots in their territory and a great focus on quality of both, raw materials and production processes.

We selected experienced producers with centuries-long history as well as innovative producers that constantly dream their next experiment.

About us

Memofood owes its beginnings to the experience that the founding members and their contributors gained in the agri-food and enogastronomic sectors. With passion, we strive to share the fantastic Italian gastronomic culture all over Asia.